G.A.S Controllers Replacement Probe (push fit terminals)

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In the rare event your G.A.S controller measurement probe becomes faulty, damaged or you simply require the need of a longer cable, there is no need to panic as the probe is a replaceble item, requireing a minimal DIY skill set. This version is the bare wire terminal connection, rest assured your controller will be hard at work keeping the environments of your plants in the sweet spot with 5 minutes!. 

Available Sizes

Standard (5 metre) or Long length (10 metre)

*To check which type of probe you have installed:

  1. Turn the power off and remove from the mains supply.
  2. Un-screw the 4 display face plate screws located within the corners of the controller.
  3. Lift the display face plate away slightly to view the probe connection type fitted.

*To replace probe:

  1. After the above steps have been performed.
  2. Un-screw the cable gland domed nut the probe cable enters the controller through.
  3. Disconnect the probe cable by using a small flat screwdriver, push the tab(s) in next to the entry point of the wire and gently pull the wire(s) out and feed out of the cable gland.
  4. Install the new probe in reverse of the above steps.

More Information

More Information
Product NameG.A.S Controllers Replacement Probe (push fit terminals)
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