Adjusta Watt Retro 720W LED Fixture


Adjusta-Watt removed the driver, meaning the end user can save money by using their existing 600w digital ballast. When connected to a 600w digital ballast and mounted at 15cm above the canopy, the Adjusta-Watt® Retro LED produces an average PPFD of 1231μmol/s/m². That’s over twice the growth light than that of a 600w HPS, for the same power consumption!

The Adjusta Watt Retro LED Fixture boasts a whole host of features & Functions:

  • Digital Ballast Compatible LED Technology
  • Dimming Modes Native to chosen ballast
  • Maximum total PPF output of 1890
  • 1 ballast can supply 1 fixture @720w with a 2.7 umol/j efficiancy or 2 fixtures @360w with 2.8umol/j efficiancy.
  • Passive cooling thermal management
  • Power Factor >90%
  • Estimated lifetime of 50,000 hours
  • Color Rendering index -25 to +40'C
  • Control Manually by Ballast Dial
  • Fixture Dimensions 90 * 90 * 5.4 (cm)
  • 1992 LED chip sets


Product Contents:

  • Adusta-Watt Retro 720w LED fixture
  • 2 Sets of Ratchet Hangers
  • Ballast Attachment Brackets
  • Warranty Information
  • Operating Instructions


Available separately:

  • Splitter Cable to supply 2 fixtures
  • Adjusta-Watt Eco Ballast 600w 
More Information
Product Name Adjusta Watt Retro 720W LED Fixture
Price £299.95
Manufacturer ADJUSTA-WATT
Wattage 601W→800W
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