TrolMaster Hydro-X HCS-1


The TrolMaster Hydro-X HCS-1 Control System is recognised as 1 of, if not the' most intelligent & versatile environmental control system available within the indoor horticultural market. This mighty little unit has the capabilities to control up to 512 lighting fixtures, 4 temperature devices, 2 humidity devices, 2 CO2 devices & 9 preprogram devices. With this level of un-before seen flexibility & up-scalability, anyone can easily customize their own grow room system for the maximum yield.

Installation is easy & the system is simple to expand upon. The Hydro-X system can control most grow light brands, HVAC systems, mini-split air conditioners, commercial humidifiers & dehumidifiers, also CO2 generators or regulators. With the FREE TrolMaster smart App, the user has the ability to access all of their settings & alerts on the system from anywhere at anytime.

The HCS-1 is the brain of the Hydro-X system. It comes supplied with a 3-in-1 Temp/Humid/Photocell (light) sensor.

Every HYDRO-X control unit has the facility to connect:

  • 1 * 3-in-1 (Temp/Humid/Light) Sensor
  • 1 * CO2 Sensor
  • 20 * Smoke Detectors
  • 4 * Temperature Device Stations
  • 2 * Humidity Device Stations
  • 2 * CO2 Device Stations
  • 9 * Program Device Stations

Features & Capabilities:

  • LCD display, easy operation
  • Ultimate solution for up to 512 Lights, 17 devices
  • Smartphone control
  • Data logging
  • IoT connectivity
  • Connect upto 256 * 2 HID fixtures 
  • 1000 meters maximim distance to device to be connected

Product Contents:

  • 1 * Hydro-X Environment Controller
  • 1 * Temperature, Humidity   Light 3-in-1 Sensor
  • 1 * RJ12 Cable Set for Light Connection

Hydro-X specifications:

Input Voltage:      100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Certifications:       ETL/FCC
Ingress Protection Rating IP20
Packaging Dimensions: 275mm * 164mm * 62mm (L*W*H) 

*Internet Connection Note: TrolMaster's main controllers are required to be connected to the internet in order to use the available APP. Most internet services available including land-based and cellular internet (4G/5G) are compatible.


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