Secret Jardin 20W Cosmorrow LED Propogation Light


Secret Jardin Cosmorrow LED 20W:

Illuminate Your Plants’ Growth
The Secret Jardin Cosmorrow LED 20 Watt 24V L50 is a powerful and versatile lighting solution designed specifically for indoor plant cultivation. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a beginner, this LED grow light provides the ideal spectrum for various stages of plant growth.

Key Features

Customizable Spectrum: The Cosmorrow LED allows you to tailor the light spectrum to your plants’ needs. It covers the entire growth cycle, from seedlings to flowering.
Energy-Efficient: With a power consumption of only 20 watts, this LED light minimizes energy costs while maximizing plant growth.
Compact and Durable: The Cosmorrow LED is compact, indestructible, and water-proof. It’s built to withstand the rigors of indoor gardening.

Multiple Versions Available:
Cosmorrow 1x20W: Ideal for a single power supply with 1 LED bar.
Cosmorrow 2x20W: Perfect for a dual-power supply with 2 LED bars.
Power Consumption: 20W
Voltage: 24V
LED Specifications:
Quantity: 126 LEDs
Power per LED: 0.16W
Yield: 120 Lumens/W
Color Temperature Line 1: 6500K
Color Temperature Line 2 (Bloom): 2100K
Color Temperature Line 3 (Infrared): 660nm
Environment Class: IP65 (suitable for indoor use)
Working Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Lifetime: 50,000 hours (with 20% loss at 30,000 hours)
The Cosmorrow LED is perfect for:

Propagation: Use the 6500K cool white light for seedlings and clones during the vegetative stage.
Vegetative Growth: Continue using the same LED for early growth.
Flowering: Switch to the 2100K line for optimal flowering.
Infrared Support: The infrared line (660nm) can serve as supplemental lighting during cloning or as a disinfection light.

Get Growing with Secret Jardin Cosmorrow LED 20W
Enhance your indoor garden with the Secret Jardin Cosmorrow LED 20W. Boost plant health, yield, and quality with this efficient and adaptable grow light. Order yours today!

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More Information
Product NameSecret Jardin 20W Cosmorrow LED Propogation Light