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De-humidification is often over looked, the majority of gardeners believing their extraction system can handle any excess humidity, which is not always the case, even in circumstances where it can, the extraction system will be removing the desired heat which in turn causes a knock on effect to the potential yield of your plants. Utilising the correct de-humidification equipment and extraction for handling the heat will provide the grower with the tools required to achieve the all important VPD (Vapour Pressure Deffecit) parameters for your crop to flourish.

With the ever increasing development of LED grow light technology the transition of growers using them for the huge benefits is becoming the norm, the down side to LED growing  is the lack of excess intense heat production which burns off humidity in the growing environment causing high RH values extarction systems struggle to cope with, prevention is better than the cure the correct de-humidification equipment will help irradicate the potential for moulds & mildew pathogens to breed causing a severly damaged yield.

The QUEST 70 Ooverhead unit is totally plug & play - the unit requires no installation, with the option for condensate pump and ducting for totally flexibility in awkward challenging spaces and specialized applications. Ensuring you total environment protection the Quest 70 Overhead Dehumidifier will operate all year round providing superior indoor air quality - providing water removal of 26 litres per day at 26.7ºC/60%RH.

The Quest 70 is the choice of indoor gardeners wanting to create and maintaining a stable, consistent environment for your plants to flourish. Without a reliable climate, you could lose your entire crop. Proper dehumidification can make all the difference, giving you the advantage you need to bring in a high-yield harvest.


A Quest dehumidifier can transform an unstable growing environment into one that allows you to achieve and maintain precise
conditions in which plants can flourish.This includes deterring and preventing the growth of destructive molds throughout
each growing stage.


Quest has the most energy-efficient dehumidifiers available - using the least electricity and removing higher amounts of water per kWh at the widest temperature range. Quest’s innovative design also creates the lightest heat out put creating less load on your
HVAC again paying for itself in energy conservation.


With overhead mounting capability combined with a compact size, Quest lets you maximize your grow space—and profits.


Quest meets or exceeds the highest standards (ETL listed/UL certified). Plus, it’s backed by an industry-leading warranty. Quest dehumidifiers will efficiently control humidity from germination to harvest, maintaining a growing environment that’s vital to the success of indoor and hydroponic gardening.


To choose the desired Dehumidification unit requires you to work on THE bases of what ever the amount of water used for irrigation in a 24 hour period is the figure required by the unit for removal; So if you irrigate 30 liters per 24 hour period you will require a Quest 70 Dehumidifier unit with its capabilities of 70 PINTS / 8.8 GALLONS / 33.2 LITERS per DAY

Quest 70 Overhead Dehumidifier features:

  • Industry-leading efficiency simple Plug-N-Play setup
  • Superior air filtration (MERV-13 standard)
  • Quiet operation and superior high static pressure performance
  • Improvement of play health, growth and development
  • Precise environment control over humidity and temperature
  • Increase in the weight and quality of your yields

Operating range @ 26.66°C / 60% RH:

  • 70 Pints / 33.12 Litres Water Removal per day 
  • 5 Pints / 2.4 Litres Energy Factor Efficiency (Pints/kWh )
  • 5.1 AMP current Draw

Operating range @ 23.88°C / 50% RH:

  • 43 Pints / 20.34 Litres Water Removal per day 
  • 3.3 Pints / 1.6 Litres Energy Factor Efficiency (Pints/kWh )
  • 4.9 AMP current Draw
Power Consumption680 Watt
BTU (Total)5,000
BTU (Heat of Condensation)3,000
BTU (Motor Load)2,000
Operating Temperature0.55°C Min – 37.78°C Max
Unit Weight 24.95 KG
Unit Dimensions300mm (W) * 300mm (H) * 546mm (L) 
Refridgerant type & amountR410A @ 0.42KG
Air flow256 M³/h

*Drain port connection 3/4" NPT 

More Information

More Information
Product NameQuest 70 Dehumidifier
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