OB Substrate's 70/30 Coco Perlite 50L


The OB Substrates ​70/30 media contains a blend of OB's pure coco coir & 30% perlite which provides many advantages for the modern gardener. By adding Perlite at a 30% ratio not only increases drainage but also air flow within the rootzone, this makes it possible for more aggressive feeding programs to be implemented without the fear of overwatering as free draining is optimised the fear of overwatering will be a thing of the past. Plants will have a constant supply of fresh, cool air with as much nutrients as the coco coir can hold while the excess runs through. The increased air within the medium provides greater root transpiration, respiration & feeding which accelerates both vegetive & flowering stages. The small perlite pieces aid in the prevention of the compaction of the media as the life cycle of the plant progresses caused by watering, removing the need to top up the pots with media.

WithIn its natural state, coco coir can have a negatively charged complex surrounded by Sodium and Potassium. Unbuffered coco coir has too much Sodium which displaces Calcium from any applied nutrients and disrupts the nutrient balance by reducing Calcium availability, OB Substrates Coco Pure Organic Plant Medium solves that problem as it is pre-buffered with Calcium which flushes the Sodium from the coco coir while being washed and pH stabilized at source.

OB Substrates Coco has been awarded the coveted Dutch RHP certification, an international indication of high quality. Substrates that carry the RHP quality mark in horticulture satisfy the highest chemical and physical requirements, this all to guarantee a safe and reliable application for the grower. The RHP certification ensures that the coir maintains the highest level of consistency and quality, is pest and disease free, thoroughly rinsed, pH stabilized, pre-buffered with calcium, and has a very low salt content.


Perlite is lots of small spheroids made from heating natural volcanic glass. It is a pH neutral substance & is an excellent insulator thereby boosting plant resistance and tolerance to extreme temperatures. Plant root zones are able to breathe better in cool air, where oxygen is more accessible, which helps them better withstand extreme conditions.


In-bound air flow to the rhizosphere is more prominent by the numerous air pockets the 30% perlite creates while 70% coco coir retains the moisture which helps cool the air. OB Substrates Coco Perlite Blend 70/30 does not compact so air flow is maximized making oxygen more available to plants thereby creating an environment for plants to thrive in.


Coco coir is well known for its superior water-holding capabilities, while perlites drainage properties are second to none. The combination of coco and perlite permits excess water and unused nutrient solution to drain away more freely while still maintaining the essential amount of moisture needed for ideal growing conditions which permits more aggressive feeding.

  • Washed & Pre-Bufered
  • Clean & pest FREE
  • Ideal pH Range 5.5 ~ 6.5
  • Very LOW EC Value
More Information
Product NameOB Substrate's 70/30 Coco Perlite 50L
Volume (ml/ltr/gallon)50 LITRE
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