The Nanolux SN series of LED horticultural fixtures have been developed for the indoor gardener looking for a highger end product with a sensible price tag. Constructed of the classic foldable design provides ease of transport and storage. NANOLUX SN series has added UV & IR chips in small quantities which are individually controlled by digital timers built into the fixture from 1-12 hours which the user can individually select throughout the different stages of your plant’s life cycle which will greatly improve the final  product aromas & flavour content. Utilising highly efficient 2.9μmol/j diodes on the SN 830 provides an impressive light out put of 2410μmol/s which is dimmable from 20-100% by on-board controls offering manual dimming options: 120W, 150W, 235W, 315W, 390W, 470W, 550W & 830W giving more onboard control than many competitors offerings or further control by the use of the NANONLUX touch controller or other 0-10v lighting controllers. NCCS compatable, can be used with the NANOLUX NCCS bluetooth controller

NANONLUX use of deeper & higher surface area finned extrusions of the light board on the SN series result in the working temperature of the light board runs 15 degrees cooler than other comparable units, which will ensure that the life span of the diodes can be extended by 10,000 hours. The SN series is IP65 rated providing protection from dust and moisture ingress upto 95% humidity.

SN 830 features:

  • Input Power: 830W
  • Input Voltage: AC 110V-277V
  • Efficiency: 2.9 μmol/j
  • Light Output PPF: 2410 μmol/s
  • IP Rating: IP 65
  • Lifetime L90: >50000Hrs
  • Size: 1135 * 1110 * 47mm

More Information

More Information
Product NameNANOLUX SN 830w LED + UV/IR
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