Lumatek 30W UV Supplemental Light LED Bar

Lumatek 30W UV Supplemental Light LED Bar

The Lumatek 30W UV Supplemental Light LED Bar is an innovative solution for growers aiming to enhance their crop's, by the addition UV in a specific range will produce premium fruits or flowers. This technology utilizes ultraviolet signaling to influence the final crop, impacting its flavor, aroma, and increasing the main substance to be extracted by up to 30%. Additionally, it aids in controlling mold formation with gentle UV-B doses, thereby reducing the need for chemical interventions.

Key features of the Lumatek 30W UV Supplemental Light LED Bar include:

  • Specialized design to provide optimal UV-B (280-315 nm) and UV-A (315-400 nm) radiation doses to plants, backed by scientific support.
  • Each fixture delivers 2.2 kJ/day (12 hours) of UV-B energy and 518 kJ/day (12 hours) of UV-A output, translating to 100 mW of UV-B and 12000 mW of UV-A.
  • Excludes UV-C radiation for safety purposes.
  • Integration with Lumatek Zeus LED Range frames is seamless, allowing growers to follow specific grow light strategies.
  • Daisy-chain capability for easy connection of multiple fixtures, though power and daisy chain cables are sold separately.
  • Recommended coverage and integration suggestions provided for various Lumatek Zeus LED fixtures, ensuring optimal light spread over the canopy.

To maximize the benefits of UV radiation:

  • Combine supplemental UVB + UVA radiation with Lumatek Zeus Full Spectrum LED Range lights, adjusting photoperiods as per growth stages.
  • Install the recommended minimum units and maintain appropriate distances from the canopy as per the Grow Light Strategies table.
  • In case of plant damage, adjust the distance between the fixture and canopy or reduce the UV light output.

Precautions regarding the Lumatek 30W UV Supplemental LED Bar include:

  • The fixture emits UVB and UVA electromagnetic radiation within the spectrum

of 280 to 400 nm. To prevent any biological effects on the human body, it's essential to switch off the power when installing or performing maintenance on the grow system. This precaution ensures the safety of growers and other individuals involved in handling the equipment.

Overall, the Lumatek 30W UV Supplemental Light LED Bar provides growers with a sophisticated tool to enhance crop quality and yield while maintaining safety standards during operation.

Key Specification's:

  • UV-B (280-315 NM): 100 mW
  • UV-A (315-400 NM): 1200 mW
  • INPUT VOLTAGE: 20-240 V AC, 50-60 HZ
  • DRIVER: 30 W, 220-240 V AC, integrated
  • INPUT POWER: 30 W (±5%)
  • FOOTPRINT: 1.2 x 0.6 m
  • APPLICATION: Multi-layer, Room, Tent
  • LIFETIME: L90 > 8500 HRS
  • LIGHT SOURCE: UV-B and UV-A Domestic Diodes
  • WEIGHT: 1.2 Kg
  • DIMENSIONS: 1000 x 48 x 42 mm
  • POWER FACTOR: > 0.98
  • BTU: 102 BTUs/h
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Product NameLumatek 30W UV Supplemental Light LED Bar
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