IWS M25 Gland


Replacement IWS M25 sealing gland, these are used on the standard IWS flood & Drain Hydroponic irrigation systems & also provide a quick & simple way to add a fill or drain port to any DIY irrigation sytem.

Simple installation

  1. Create a 25mm hole in the container you wish to install the gland.
  2. Remove the lock nut and 1 rubber sealing washer.
  3. Fully insert the glands thread throught the hole upto the rubber sealing washer.
  4. Place the removed rubber sealing washer over the thread.
  5. Screw the lock nut into place untill a nipped tightenes is achieved (too tight and the seal will disform & leak).
  6. Install the required IWS STRAIGHT, T-PIECE OR ELBOW fitting . 

More Information

More Information
Product NameIWS M25 Gland
ø Tube Size12.5MM/13MM/16MM/½"
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