Indica Cal Mag

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Keeping your crop strong & crisp!

Build a strong and healthy crop by using Indica Cal-Mag in your grow schedule. Calcium is essential for building strong cell walls and magnesium is an essential atom in the chlorophyll pigment that drives photosynthesis. These two nutrients interact constantly and need to be in a precise balanced ratio for a healthy grow.

The calcium and magnesium in Indica Cal-Mag is chelated with organic acids. This has a number of benefits for your crops;

1. It removes the sulphates and chlorides found in other products that can cause scorch and are directly toxic to your crop and beneficial microbes.

2. It keeps the nitrogen level in the product low; thus preventing weak and leggy vegetative growth which is counter productive.

3. The chelation locks the calcium and magnesium into the solution thus keeping it available to the plant, even if the pH shifts from the sweet spot.

Use Indica Cal-Mag when;

Using very soft or purified water that lacks natural ‘hardness’.
Growing in coco/coir which has a very high potassium and sodium content.
Using a standard NPK fertilizer that lacks calcium.
Your plants are suffering from poor calcium nutrition (e.g. necrotic black leaves) or magnesium deficiency (interveinal chlorosis of young leaves).