G.A.S Pro Plus Step Controller 4 AMP


The GAS Pro Plus Step Controllers are the some of the best AC fan controllers available. Quiet, Easy to use and the most efficient way to regulate AC fans, there is no clicking between speed steps like other AC fan controllers, this is made possible by using digital controller technology & solid state relays, this combination creates a top quality 5 step transformer.

The GAS Pro Plus Step Controllers are manufactured within Europe to the highest standards of quality, the silent seamless changes between steps removes the loud clicking caused by the electro magnetic relays swithcing the power out put that alternative controllers have.
The Pro Plus Controller has the same top quality transformer and silent step transitions as the pro version with the added feature of a heater control that works in unison with the fan controller. Keeping your grow room close to your set temperature all the time.


  • Digital Controller Technology.
  • Silent solid state relays.
  • NO AC Fan vibrational humming.
  • Highest efficiancy controller for AC motor fans.
  • Maximum 13 amps.
  • Heater control – max 2.5kW.
  • Stabalises your grow room temperature.
  • Fan motor protection.
  • 12 Month warranty

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More Information
Product NameG.A.S Pro Plus Step Controller 4 AMP
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