Dimlux Xplore Series LED 730W 9X


Introducing the groundbreaking Dimlux Explore Series 730W 9X LED Grow Light a more compact version of Dimlux Explore Series 730W, setting a new standard for price-performance excellence in horticultural lighting. Engineered with precision, these lights feature an optimal blend of full spectrum white and red LED diodes, delivering unparalleled efficiency and versatility throughout all growth phases.

Crafted to perfection, this unique combination of white and red LEDs ensures an ideal spectrum for every stage of plant development. The abundance of bluish light, a result of the mix, plays a crucial role in maintaining crop tightness and compactness during the vegetative stage, while also enhancing morphogenesis and light absorption. Meanwhile, the red component excels during flowering, contributing significantly to robust yields.

Equipped with the powerful Dimlux Xplore Digital Driver 730W, these LED grow lights offer unparalleled control and efficiency, allowing growers to tailor light intensity precisely to their plants' needs. Whether you're nurturing young seedlings or maximizing flower production, the Dimlux Explore Series provides the perfect lighting solution for every stage of your plant's lifecycle.


  • Light Source: 730W LED
  • Driver: Dimlux Xplore Digital Driver 730W
  • Spectrum: Full Spectrum White and Red LED Diodes
  • Efficiency: Unmatched performance with a perfect blend of white and red LEDs
  • Versatility: Ideal spectrum for all growth phases, from vegetative to flowering
  • Control: Precision dimming options for customized lighting intensity
  • Reliability: Backed by Dimlux's reputation for quality and innovation
  • Light Output (PPF) of 1944 μmol/s
  • Light Output Total (PPF 350-800nm) of 1931 μmol/s
  • PAR Photon Efficacy (400-700nm) of 2.69 μmol/J @ 220-240V AC
  • Total Photon Efficacy (350-800nm) of 2.70 μmol/J @ 230-240V AC
  • AC Input Power 730W @ 230-240V AC
  • AC Input Voltage = 200-277V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Beam Angle = 120°
  • Optics Conformal = Coating
  • Rcmd Mounting Height 730W 150×150cm min. 40cm / 5’×5’ min. 1.35’
  • Rcmd Mounting Height 730W 9X 100x100cm min. 25cm / 3.3’x3.3’ min. 10”
  • LED positioning = Asymmetrical
  • Ambient Temperature -25 ~ 40°C / -13 ~ 105°F
  • Control By Maxi Controller or Dim Button
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)< 10%
  • Lifetime L90 > 50,000h
  • Certifications ETL, CE, UKCA
  • Weight 730W 9X: 8,6 kg

Take your cultivation to new heights with the Dimlux Explore Series 730W and 730W 9X LED Grow Lights. Experience the perfect balance of performance, efficiency, and versatility, and unlock the full potential of your plants with every harvest.

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Product NameDimlux Xplore Series LED 730W 9X
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