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Buddhas Trees consider themselves the innovators of plant technology, their award winning formula has got them to 1st in the peoples choice award for Garden Culture Magazine. Buddha Tree never compromise on their company values and place innovation, safety (no PGRs) and quality above all Buddha Tree are responsible for making highly concentrated boosters, giving you more for your money.

Solar Green Power is the only silicon nutrient supplement that the plant can truly make maximum use of. We have a deeper understanding of silicon now, more than ever before, and we are benefitting from these new understandings. Buddhas Tree want to bring the benefits of that to our growers with our new product Solar Green Power and help you unlock the full potential of silicon and benefit from its inclusion into your feeding regime.

Photosynthesis is the engine of the plant and indeed life. The leaf is essentially a solar panel. The underside of which also serves to capture the CO2 gas in the air and as it rises from the root zone . The better that panel is presented to the light, the more efficient it will prove in capturing usable sunlight, water and CO2. Silicon promotes perfectly formed leaves with excellent shape and symmetry, it strengthens the stem and holds that panel in perfect position. The plant is less likely to droop in warm conditions and more likely to maximise photosynthesis.

Silicon has been shown to result in higher concentrations of chlorophyll (The green pigment essential for photosynthesis) per unit area of leaf tissue and this means that the plant can tolerate either low or high light levels better by using light more efficiently. Moreover, good levels of plant available silicon are responsible for producing higher concentrations of the enzyme ribulose bio phosphate carboxylase in leaf tissue. Benefit from the below with Solar Green Power:

Improves your plants' immune system

Encourages the chlorophyll production

Accelerates your plants' metabolic rates;

Develops fatter stems and stronger roots