Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Connoisseur Coco Grow A&B

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pH Perfect® Connoisseur Coco Grow A & B by Advanced Nutrients

No expense has been spared in sourcing of the most potent, powerful ingredients for what is the most sophisticated base nutrient designed exclusively for high end coco coir set ups. Guaranteed to drive your crops to their most productive grow phase possible. What’s more: you’ll find abundant amounts of the “missing link” needed in coco coir – diversely chelated forms of iron. All primary, secondary, and micronutrients in this flagship formulation are fully or partially chelated for optimal absorption. And if that weren’t enough, you can throw away your pH meters and pens forever. pH Perfect® Technology automatically keeps the pH in the “sweet spot” every week of your grow.

If you have the skills, pH Perfect Connoisseur Coco Grow has the power to make your plants reach their full genetic potential. And if you’re not amazed with your results using this breakthrough base nutrient, you get 100% of your money back thanks to our Grower Guarantee!

Your pH levels will land within the optimal range for nutrient absorption

You’ll ensure all your nutrients stay available to your plants at ALL times

You’ll never need to buy another bottle of pH Up and Down again!

Building the optimal conditions for maximum nutrient absorption

Multiple amino acid complexes provide additional nitrogen source that get to work with valuable micronutrients by your root zone


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Product Name Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Connoisseur Coco Grow A&B