Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy

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Bud Candy by Advanced Nutrients is a top quality additive comprising of essential vitamins, sugars and carbohydrates to boost the development of your plants.

This state of the art formula is a unique blend of natural carbohydrates and sugars, which provide your plants with the energy needed for the blooming phase. It also encourages the colonisation of the root area with beneficial bacteria. Your plants will easily absorb nutrients and develop a rich root network, giving you strong, fruitful plants. Bud Candy belongs to the pH perfect range of products made by Advanced Nutrients. Use Bud Candy for high harvest yields and tasty fruits.

Bud Candy offers your plants a strong energy boost, improving your plants' immune system and nutrient uptake, resulting in healthier, larger and more yield on your crops. Suitable for use with a wide range of Advanced Nutrients boosters and additives, make the perfect blend to improve your grow rate and quality.

Try Bud Candy by Advanced Nutrients to improve the health of your plants, improving overall yield and quality of produce. Bud Candy promising:

Stronger root development

Unlocks explosive aromas

Improved quality and speeds up the blooming phase

Larger, heavier, denser, more potent flowers

Amplify your potency and improve your aroma for higher market value.

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More Information
Product Name Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy